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melbourne international flower & garden show: 
a fashion installation

Design Statement

Beyond the Park is an exploration of the value of greenspace in urban environments. I was initially inspired by urban architecture and the impact of community gardens and greenspaces on mental health in high density areas. In the future, I believe that we will need to go beyond the simple park; plants, nature, and the health of the environment need to be integrated into all urban design and decision-making - for the benefit of the planet and ourselves.

The installation for MIFGS 2019 conveys the relationship between rigid manmade structures and the softness of nature; how the two coexist and enhance one another. Contrast between these two elements is created using a hand-built cage structure from cane-core. Flowers and plants protrude from within the cage, as if nature and architecture are entwined. Soft flowers like gypsophila create a weightless organic texture, relieving the eye from the structure of the cage.

The hood references my research into domed microclimate gardens in response to climate change, and is heavily inspired by Singapore's man-made solar trees. The lower section of the design incorporates living plants rather than cut flowers, both as a reference to vertical gardening and an attempt to reduce waste. 

The colours used throughout the design are informed by research into ecopsychology and the effects of greens and soft, soothing tones on mental health.

Working technical sketch: wire support understructure

Living plants suspended vertically using sphagnum moss kokedama techniques.

Installation Day 1 of 2: building the understructure from chicken wire, cane-core and floristry foam.

Future Matters Installation, MIFGS, Photograph by Sarah Adams, 2019.

Returning organic waste to the earth, post-show. Photography by Georgia McCorkill, 2019.

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